Chicago PD coy on mimicking Seattle tactic

CHICAGO – The Seattle Police Department might have made things a little bit easier for every NFL fan to attend road games this season.

It was revealed this week that some Seattle cops could be wearing San Francisco 49ers gear inside and outside of CenturyLink Field on Sunday to act as decoys in case Seahawks fans want to take the NFC West rivalry off the field.

Asked Friday if the Chicago Police Department would utilize the same plan Sunday, when the Chicago Bears host the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field, spokesperson Adam Collins played it coy.

"We don't discuss deployment or tactics for obvious reasons, but we always work to ensure public safety at large events," Collins said via email.

Whether or not Chicago police mimic the jersey ploy, Seattle police essentially have put that thought in the mind of everybody who knows of its strategy.

For now, though, it seems as if Soldier Field regulars will get the benefit of the doubt.

"Bears fans are known for our hospitality, even when the Packers are in town," Collins said.