Suh ready for Chicago rookie Kyle Long

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- When the Chicago Bears drafted Kyle Long in April, part of the reason was to look to the east, to a rival.

To Detroit.

Part of Long’s job Sunday will be the reason why he was drafted -- to try and block Ndamukong Suh.

“We’ll see how well he is prepared to block me when we play on Sunday,” Suh said. “That’s their opinion. That’s their choice. That’s their draft.

“It’s not anything of my concern. I just look forward to digest whoever I have in front of me.”

Suh has three career sacks and 13 tackles against Chicago, but as it is with a lot of his opponents, what he does is more about disruptions and pressure on opposing quarterbacks and offensive lines.

He is a strong enough player that teams have to pay attention to him even if the numbers he puts up aren’t gaudy.

“It’s always nice to be noticed, but to me it’s not necessarily a compliment,” Suh said. “It’s just, it is something that they felt they needed to do and they did it, and I look forward to the challenge.”

There is little question, though, that Chicago will keep an eye on Suh.

"I've been doing some early preparations," Long said on "Football Night in Chicago" on ESPN 1000. "I've been trying to sharpen my mental sword I guess you could say. I've been just trying to pick up some tendencies that I can use against their defense, hopefully.

"Suh is just relentless. He is a relentless football player. He is somebody that is just going to always keep coming and give you his best. He's got that kind of presence where you're like, ‘I can't take a play off.' If you do, he will expose you. What people can't see through all the time with all the media scrutiny is truly how great of a player Suh is and how great of a player (Nick) Fairley is and the devastation those two guys can impose on an offense."

Bears coach Marc Trestman also respects the Lions' tandem.

“(Suh is) one of the best in the business at what he does,” Trestman said. “Both tackles, Fairley too, they’re both powerful guys and they penetrate and they do all the things you’re looking for in defensive linemen.”