Morning Roar: Stafford likes Lambeau Field

Good morning and RROOOAAARRR!!!!

It is a place Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has yet to win, but that hasn't stopped him from enjoying his visits to Lambeau Field.

He, of course, isn't alone.

No Lion has won in Wisconsin since 1991, but Lambeau is perhaps the most historic, tradition-laden venue in the NFL.

"It is one of my favorite places to play," Stafford said. "You walk in there, you feel all the history, the history behind that place, all the great games and great players that have played there.

"And their fans are great. Some of the rowdiest fans but some of the nicest fans. People that continually just want to watch good football and want their team to win. That's hard to come by sometimes in the NFL these days and it's definitely a place that I enjoy going to play."

Stafford and other teammates said Tuesday playing in Lambeau itself is not a ton different than other venues. But the Packers have been one of the league's most consistent franchises, so winning there becomes more difficult because of the players they have, not the ghosts of a building.

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