Morning Roar: Stafford defends accuracy

Good morning and ROOOAARRRR!!!!!

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- He didn't have the accuracy he has displayed in other games this season and on Tuesday, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford maintained he isn't having trouble hitting receivers.

"I don't feel like I do, no," Stafford said. "I think I'm throwing the ball pretty good. Obviously I missed a couple. Missed the 70-yarder to (Calvin Johnson) and that's like a long foul ball, you're not going to hit those all the time.

"Obviously every game there's throws you want back and things like that but I feel like I'm putting the ball in some good spots for guys to make plays."

Stafford completed a season-low 54.9 percent of his passes Sunday against Cincinnati and struggled hitting the right side of the field on passes 15 yards or longer, completing only 2 of 7 attempts there. It was an area he went to on 13.7 percent of his throws against the Bengals.

In all, he threw 14 passes 15 yards or further and obviously, the longer you throw, the more difficult it is to hit with pinpoint accuracy.

"There's just a lot of variables that goes into it," Stafford said. "You miss a couple and then you hit a couple and they make big plays for you. Obviously I want to make every throw. I want to complete every pass. I want to throw for as many yards as I can, as many touchdowns as I can to help our team win.

"I will continue to do that for as long as I'm playing the game."

Two or Stafford's three touchdown passes also came on passes thrown 15 yards or longer.

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