Question of the Week: Cake? Or Steak?

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- It is the most important question in mankind, without any question. It is a debate that will continue for as long as humans will consume food, for as long as they decide to eat meat.

There is no wrong answer, only two unbelievably delectable correct ones. This is what faced the Detroit Lions this week. The question for the ages.

Cake? Or Steak? And then there is the unanswerable -- what about a steak cake.

Center Dominic Raiola: Steak. Steak, it kind of looks better on you after you eat it than a piece of cake. Bone-in filet. Leanest and that bone makes it juicy.

Quarterbacks Shaun Hill and Matthew Stafford:

Both: Steak.

Reporter: Why?

Stafford: I like salt and stuff more than I like sweets. I’d rather have chips and salsa.

Hill: What if they had a steak cake?

Stafford: It’d be interesting. I don’t know. I just love steak.

Reporter: You’re from Texas, what steak?

Stafford: I like New York Strip, that’s a good one for me. Bone-in.

Reporter: So, Shaun, what type of steak would you get?

Hill: Filet.

Stafford: Petite.

Hill: I don’t know.

Running back Montell Owens: I love cake, man. I’m a vanilla cake guy with vanilla icing. Always. Always. If I had a birthday cake it would be vanilla cake with vanilla icing. Triple layer.

Quarterback Kellen Moore: I’ll go steak. If you said cheesecake, I’d probably go cheesecake.

Reporter: It could be any type of cake.

Moore: I was thinking birthday cake. I’ll still go steak. I’ll stick with steak. Nothing better than a steak dinner with some mashed potatoes and a couple green things on the side.

Reporter: Was that typical fare at Boise?

Moore: No, we were not one of those programs that had the nice filet mignon every day, no. Not at all. Usually once a week, pregame meal, you got the good steak. We enjoyed it.

Right tackle Corey Hilliard: Cake. I’m a sucker for sweets. Love sweets. If I had to have one cake, red velvet. It’s delicious.

Right guard Larry Warford: Steak. I’m not a sweets fan. Honestly, I’m not even a steak fan. I’d just rather not eat cake. I don’t know.

Reporter: You’re a lineman, you’d think cake would be...

Warford: Misconception. I’m not even a steak guy but cake would make my stomach hurt. It makes my stomach hurt.

Reporter: So what steak would you eat?

Warford: I’d choose not steak. Freaking chicken or lobster or something. I’m not even a steak guy, really.

Cornerback Chris Houston: Cake. Just a regular vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. That’s my favorite. It’s my favorite. My base. My birthday is (last) Friday and my mom will be down here (last) week and I know I’m going to get one of them.

Punter Sam Martin: Steak. Steak’s one of my favorite foods for one but also I’m not a big cake guy. There are very few cakes I really like and if I do, I’m eating half a slice. Too heavy for me. Steak all day.

Reporter: What type?

Martin: Um, filet medium rare. Hyde Park has a great one, the place in Birmingham (Mich.). It’s Matt’s bone-in filet. Great steak. One of the best I’ve had in a while.

Wide Receiver Kris Durham: I would eat a steak. Well, it would depend on what type of cake it is, obviously, and what type of steak, but Friday nights usually I go and get myself a nice steak. I like to get a filet, a good bone-in filet is probably my favorite.