Around the Horns: Dickerson on the QBs

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When Adrian Peterson was chasing Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record last season, he won the approval of the Hall of Fame running back he grew up idolizing. This season, with the Vikings at 2-8, Peterson is getting Dickerson's sympathy.

Dickerson bemoaned the Vikings' quarterback situation in an interview with the St. Paul Pioneer Press, saying a bona fide QB "would make it a lot easier on him," and comparing Peterson's plight to his own time with the then-Los Angeles Rams, where Dickerson often had to toil alongside mediocre quarterbacks.

"I've been there," Dickerson said in the interview. "I mean, I've been so frustrated that when we completed a pass downfield I wanted to be like the people in the stands, jumping up and down and saying, 'Way to go.' "

It's hardly new for someone to say Peterson needs more help from the Vikings' passing game, but the parallel between Dickerson and Peterson is interesting here. The Rams made the playoffs in all four of Dickerson's full seasons in Los Angeles, but got out of the first round only once and traded Dickerson to Indianapolis at age 27. Peterson, now 28, also has been out of the first round just once, and some have wondered if the time might be right for the Vikings to trade the 2012 NFL MVP. For now, they would pick second in next spring's draft, so they might get one more shot to take a top-end quarterback, with Peterson in his prime.

Count Dickerson among those who will be rooting for that to happen for Peterson.

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