Chad Greenway playing with fractured wrist

MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway briefly left Sunday's game with the Chicago Bears after getting hit on the right wrist he said has been fractured since October.

Greenway initially sprained his wrist on Oct. 21 against the New York Giants and fractured it six days later against the Green Bay Packers. He has been able to play through the injury, but has had trouble tackling because of it, he said.

"It's been difficult with my grip, especially, in my right hand," he said, adding the wrist is "fractured in a couple spots.

"We tape the heck out of it," he said.

In spite of that, though, the Pro Bowler said he plans to keep playing with the fractured wrist.

"This organization has been far too good to the Greenways for me to [sit out this year]," he said. "These guys around this locker room, as trying as this season has been, I love these guys and it hasn't been easy, but we stay together."