Woodson has insight into Rodgers' injury

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Whether you agree with Charles Woodson, who said the Green Bay Packers should shut down quarterback Aaron Rodgers if the team is out of playoff contention, is one thing.

But Woodson, now with the Oakland Raiders, also shed some light in his recent interview on NFL Network on what exactly Rodgers has been going through in order to return to the field.

Woodson broke his collarbone twice during his tenure with the Packers (2006-2012). He did it in Super Bowl XLV and had the entire offseason to come back, so recovery time wasn’t an issue. But when he broke it again last season, we saw just how long it took to return.

Woodson broke his collarbone on Oct. 21 last season, and did not return until the Jan. 5 wild-card playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings -- 11 weeks. Rodgers is only four weeks and two days removed from his injury. It’s unknown how the two injuries compare, but Rodgers has said it might take six to eight weeks for his break to heal completely.

Like Rodgers, Woodson grew frustrated during the process. He wanted to return much sooner, but team doctors forced him to wait until the bone was healed.

“I went through the same thing last year and I wanted to come back Week 12, 13, 14,” said Woodson, who signed with the Raiders in May as a free agent. “But the scans never gave us that confidence, so I didn’t come back until the playoffs.”

Unfortunately for Rodgers, he might not have that chance because without him, the Packers' playoff hopes look bleak.