Lions need Bush healthy for final stretch

Reggie Bush sounded baffled Wednesday afternoon as he chatted with the media, explaining exactly how he aggravated his injured calf during warm-ups Sunday.

He said it hadn't happened before and he didn’t know what to do. But in this instance he was smart. He didn’t push it, even though he said there was no way he could have actually played Sunday once he hurt it.

“It is very frustrating,” Bush said. “What was at stake, playing on the road and just being out there with my teammates. It’s always hard being on the sidelines, being a spectator. I hate it so I look forward to getting back this week.”

In the long run, though, this might be beneficial for Detroit’s immediate future. The Lions need a healthy -- or healthy enough -- Reggie Bush over the last three weeks of the season if they plan on making the playoffs. Bush is a game-changer, particularly indoors where Detroit will play its final three games.

He has shown off his speed on turf time and time again this season for Detroit and his ability to take a short screen pass and turn it into a touchdown is a skill no other Detroit Lion possesses.

This is why they brought Bush in during the offseason, to be a difference-maker when it matters. Sure, every game during the NFL season matters. But with three games left and their divisional lead hanging on by a tiebreaker, the Lions need a healthy, productive Bush more than ever.

Bush has had more than 100 yards of offense in every Detroit win this season. In seven indoor games, Bush has gained 931 total yards.

Considering what is on the line for the Lions -- their first division title in 20 years, their second playoff appearance in three seasons and potentially even more -- Bush playing looks paramount to Detroit’s success and playoff chances over the final three weeks of the season.