Collarbone won't alter Rodgers' offseason

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Aaron Rodgers plans to attack the first offseason of his 30s no differently than he has in the past, but he knows that as he gets older, he might have to increase the intensity of his workouts in order to maintain his top level of fitness.

So it’s with that in mind -- and not his broken collarbone or his disappointing performance in Sunday’s playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers -- that the Green Bay Packers quarterback said Tuesday on his ESPN Milwaukee radio show that he plans to come back in “phenomenal shape” next season.

“I felt really last offseason that it was just a tad bit more difficult to … I had to work just a little bit harder to get into the kind of shape I wanted to be in,” said Rodgers, who turned 30 last month. “It’s going to be building off the gains I made last year, eating right … when you eat right you not only have more energy and you feel better, but that’s the biggest way to get into the kind of shape you want.

“When you pair that with a good workout program, I’m going to be doing that. Also focusing on a couple of other areas, flexibility being one of them.”

It did not sound like the first major injury of Rodgers career as a starting NFL quarterback will cause him to change much, if anything in the offseason.

Although Rodgers again expressed frustration over missing seven games because of his Nov. 4 collarbone fracture, he said his collarbone feels good after the two games he played following his return.

That led to an interesting exchange on his show.

When asked whether is collarbone is 100 percent healed, Rodgers said: “I can’t give you a yes or no answer, because I haven’t seen a scan.”

When asked whether it was 100 percent healed when he returned for the Week 17 game against the Bears, Rodgers said. “I was cleared, yes.”

When told that wasn’t a yes-or-no answer, Rodgers said: “I don’t think that answer pertains to this conversation at this point. … I don’t even know what 100 percent is.”

He then added, “Maybe it wasn’t 100 percent [before it was broken]. I was 100 percent cleared. That’s all that matters.”

Typically, Rodgers spends the early part of the offseason at his San Diego-area home before returning to Green Bay for the start of the offseason program in April.

He is not expected to have any limitations this offseason because of his collarbone.

“This is going to be an important offseason for me to come back, and I’m going to set some really high expectations for my physical conditioning,” Rodgers said. “I’m going to be 30 as we start the season, that’s a first obviously. But I’m expecting to be in phenomenal shape come August, and I expect big things out of our team.”