Morning Roar: Writer wants Suh traded?

Good Morning and ROOOOOAAARRRR!!!!

Ndamukong Suh, his contract and his pending potential free agency in a year are one of the big issues for the Detroit Lions this offseason. No one disputes that.

And it is an issue the Lions would like to resolve sooner than later -- especially because getting Suh to agree to a contract extension before March 11 could open up key salary cap room to help sign free agents to help Suh and the Lions reach the playoffs next season. No one disputes that, either.

Here's where this column from the Detroit Free Press comes in. Drew Sharp writes the Lions should learn from Seattle and let Suh walk in free agency -- or try to trade him for draft picks.

I understand where Sharp is going with this, and the Lions showed over the past 12 months the ability to scout and identify draft picks and free agents who will actually fit into what the team wants to do. And yes, Suh's $22.4 million cap number this season will cause major problems for the Lions, no matter what anyone in the front office might say.

This is the way of the NFL. Make decisions. Decide which players are worth it and which aren't. And it is difficult to say Suh is definitely not worth it at this point.

But getting rid of Suh without at least exploring the possibility of locking him up to a long term deal makes little sense. First, it would seem unlikely at best that the Lions would be able to find someone to take Suh in his final year because of the massive cap number.

If Suh does have interest in staying with Detroit -- he's been fairly quiet on the subject but general manager Martin Mayhew and team president Tom Lewand have indicated that is the case -- why wouldn't the team want to work out a cap-friendly deal with him and then build around him and linebacker DeAndre Levy.

That would be the ideal option for both the Lions and Suh. Does it happen? Still too early to say. But trading him just doesn't seem like something that would be a realistic option right now.

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