Caldwell explains Delmas, Burleson moves

INDIANAPOLIS -- When the Detroit Lions released receiver Nate Burleson and safety Louis Delmas last week, it seemed like there was at least a chance Delmas could return to the team at some point.

After Detroit head coach Jim Caldwell spoke on Thursday afternoon at the NFL combine, that possibility might be a bit slimmer.

“I think in this business you never say never,” Caldwell said. “But we’ll see what happens.”

Detroit released Delmas, 26, in part because of the $6.5 million salary-cap number he was scheduled to make in 2014. His ailing knees, which limited him to one practice a week throughout the season, also likely played a factor in the decision to release him.

Caldwell sounded like he had multiple conversations with people about both players before the team chose to cut them.

“Well, obviously they are two good men when you look at those two guys with leadership and those kinds of things,” Caldwell said. “I could tell the preparation to play them and also just talking to the guys on the team and understanding the great contribution that they made to the team overall. But we have to take a look at everything, and evaluate everything obviously, just in terms of our personnel office and coaching, etc. and see where things fit, and we have to make some adjustments along the way.

“Not all of them are going to be pretty, and so obviously that’s where we are today.”