Morning Roar: What would Lewand do?

The Lions, lying in wait for this new year...

DETROIT -- It was one of those questions that gets asked during an hour-long interview, a throwaway of sorts that could lead a subject anywhere and into any spot.

There were a few of those Monday night during Tom Lewand's hour with Bernie Smilovitz at the TAP restaurant at MGM Grand, but one stuck out. Smilovitz, about 45 minutes or so into the interview, asked Lewand what he would do if he could be the NFL Commissioner for a day.

The first part of his answer was somewhat expected -- to try to improve player health and safety. He said while he felt it has been good, "it has to get better."

The second part was a bit more unexpected.

While Lewand wouldn't go as far as to allow cameras into the locker room for halftime strategy sessions or even halftime speeches as college basketball has done in recent years, he expressed a desire to give fans more experiences in the stadium.

And to make the fan experience more enjoyable -- including some access via video to locker rooms before the game.

"We want to have exclusive opportunities to consume our game," Lewand said.

How the NFL does this could go a multitude of directions and, have fun with this in the comments, what would you like to see to improve your time at football games?

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