Tillman's deal maxes out at $3.25M

Cornerback Charles Tillman's new one-year deal with the Chicago Bears is worth a maximum of $3.25 million, according to NFLPA records posted Tuesday morning.

Tillman is scheduled to earn a base salary of $2.25 million in 2014, with $250,000 of that amount guaranteed in the event of injury.

The Bears have constructed the bulk of their offseason deals without signing bonuses, but Tillman did receive a $500,000 bonus when he signed with the team on Friday after an unsuccessful visit to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the beginning of free agency.

Tillman will also pocket a $100,000 workout bonus, plus a $400,000 roster bonus with the caveat that the two-time Pro Bowl defensive back is active for every game ($25,000 per game on the active 46-man game day roster.

Here is the full breakdown:

Length: One year

Total: $3.25 million

Base: $2.25 million ($250K of which guaranteed for injury)

Roster bonus: $400,000 ($25K per game on the active 46-man roster)

Workout bonus: $100,000

*There are no notes regarding incentives on the NFLPA contract records