Have at it: Kampman or Harris?

Green Bay will take the field Thursday without two players who have been regulars for most of the past seven seasons. Linebacker Aaron Kampman has started 88 of the Packers’ last 90 games. Cornerback Al Harris, meanwhile, has opened 102 of their past 106 games.

As you know by now, both Kampman and Harris are lost for the season after tearing the anterior cruciate ligaments in their left knees during Sunday’s 30-24 victory over San Francisco. The pair of injuries left the Packers scrambling to shuffle their lineup during a short practice week.

As we all scramble to prepare for the holiday weekend, I’m curious which injury you believe will ultimately have the biggest impact on the Packers. As you Have at It, keep in mind a few factors:

  1. The way both players fit into the current scheme and were performing this season. I’ve offered a statistical snapshot below.

  2. The quality of depth behind each player and the domino effect it creates. At Harris’ position, it means nickelback Tramon Williams moving up to starter and a combination of players -- including Jarrett Bush, Brandon Underwood and newcomer Josh Bell -- competing to play in the nickel and dime packages. At linebacker, the Packers seem set to replace Kampman with rookie Brad Jones.

  3. The leadership each player provides -- in the locker room, within his position group and during games.

  4. Here's a bonus: I'm not likely to look at your responses until early Friday morning. So if you're patient, you'll get a chance to answer this question with the benefit of watching Thursday's game against Detroit.

As always, I’ll publish a sample of your responses and my own take Friday morning. Have at It.