Lions Mailbag: Last call for draft

After weeks and weeks and weeks and months of speculation and determination and breaking down what could and should and might happen, the NFL draft will actually occur starting Thursday.

So this, finally, will be the last mailbag with 2014 pre-draft questions -- although I'm sure there will be a ton of them later on once Detroit has actually made its picks.

So let's get on to it, and remember that the Mailbag is only as good as the questions you do or do not ask. Email michael.rothstein@espn.com or Tweet with the hashtag #LionsMailbag to get those questions in.


Craig from Murietta, Calif. asks via email: If the lions draft a safety early in the draft, would there be any chance Glover Quin would move back to corner? I know corner was his original posistion out of college, but I'm not sure how well he played there.

  • He's staying at safety, Craig, unless a lot of injuries were to occur. Quin played well back there for Detroit and is the team's best defensive back of the present and the immediate future. The team won't mess around with moving him unless they absolutely had to. There would be a better chance that you'd see Don Carey, currently the third safety and potential nickel along with Bill Bentley, head back to corner and have either James Ihedigbo or the drafted safety as the No. 3 safety if someone went down. Quin's not headed anywhere.

    Kyle asks via email: Can you shed some light on why the Lions pick 10th in the first round but 13th in the second round? I hope they don't miss out on someone they really like because of this.

  • Kyle, because the Lions finished with the same record as other teams, their pick moves around by round. They nabbed the No. 10 pick because their strength of schedule was the worst among 7-9 teams. Due to that, the Lions would then get the worst pick of 7-9 teams in the second round, so on and so forth along the way. No conspiracy theory here, that's just how it works.