Clock operation, not management, on your minds

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
ATLANTA -- I'm getting a lot of feedback from readers about the clock operation at the Georgia Dome -- specifically, whether the clock started promptly on the two key plays of the final 11 seconds.

Mpenich2423 believes at least two seconds went by after Atlanta's Harry Douglas fielded Robbie Gould's squib kick before the clock began. Roshan of St. Louis, meanwhile, insists the clock started two or three seconds after the snap on Atlanta receiver Michael Jenkins' 26-yard reception.

If either of those assertions were true, no time would have been left for Jason Elam's game-winning 48-yard field goal.

NFL.com has the video of the Jenkins play. (It's around the 3:38 mark.) I didn't see anything glaringly amiss, but I haven't seen a replay yet of the squib kick. Remember, the clock doesn't move until one second is up. (I hope that makes sense after a long day of writing many words.)

If anyone gets a good look at the timing of the squib kick, let me know. Otherwise, we'll check back with you in the morning.