McCarthy doesn't sweat over his contract

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Mike McCarthy says he has no concerns about his contract situation with the Green Bay Packers, and why would he?

The ninth-year head coach still has two seasons left on the contract he signed after he won Super Bowl XLV, and it's a deal that pays him in excess of $5 million per season.

Nevertheless, it became a topic in training camp because as soon as general manager Ted Thompson signed his multi-year contract extension on Wednesday, he said McCarthy would be next.

"I'm focused on training camp," McCarthy said. "There's a process in place that will take its course. I've never sweated it. I love it here. I'm not worried about it."

Perhaps there would have been cause for concern had Thompson, 61, not accepted the extension from Packers president Mark Murphy and decided to walk away when his old contract ended following the 2016 draft.

Then, McCarthy, 50, would have been forced to work under a general manager that did not hire him, which could have presented a difficult situation.

"That's a hypothetical," McCarthy said. "I was never concerned about it. I haven't given it any thought. You know, once again, we work together every day, so I wasn't as surprised as maybe you were yesterday that it was done. So I wasn't concerned about that."

By all accounts, McCarthy and Thompson have a strong working relationship. The coach has never given any indication that he wants more control over the personnel side of the football operation.

"Very happy for Ted, personally," McCarthy said. "I'll just say, I think everybody that has the opportunity to work at the Green Bay Packers clearly understands this is such a unique organization, and the opportunity they give you with the positions that we have. So, very happy for him, and obviously you know it's something that's well-deserved."