Touchdown No. 500 for Favre

MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota just took a 7-0 lead over Chicago thanks to Brett Favre’s 15-yard touchdown pass to receiver Percy Harvin. In the process, Favre became the first player in NFL history to total 500 touchdowns. He has 486 passing and 14 rushing in his 19-year career.

The Bears should feel fortunate that this is a one-score game. Their offense couldn’t muster a first down in the first quarter, managing 18 total yards on its first two possessions. The Vikings, meanwhile, have been running up and down the field and have 145 total yards along with 10 first downs.

But Adrian Peterson’s fifth fumble of the year stalled their opening drive, and Danieal Manning’s 44-yard kickoff return has put the Bears offense in good field position for its third drive. Stay tuned.