Reggie Bush ranked No. 98

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Over the next two weeks, we here at ESPN are rolling out our top 100 rankings for both offensive and defensive players in the NFL.

An introduction to the entire project can be seen here by colleague Greg Garber. Essentially, 90 people within ESPN (including myself) rated a massive number of players on a 0-to-10 scale, the higher the number given meaning the better the player.

On Monday, we named the Nos. 100-91 players on both offense and defense and only one Detroit Lions player appeared -- running back Reggie Bush. He was not ranked in the top 100 last season.

Bush checks in at No. 98 overall on offense and that's probably a pretty fair number. He has game-breaking potential both as a rusher and catching screens, something the Lions saw often last season when he broke big plays.

But he has had his issues -- particularly with fumbles and dropped passes.

His role in the Detroit offense should be intriguing, as he can line up in the backfield, the slot and even outside on certain plays -- all in an effort to put him in the best space possible.