A reunion of rivals?

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
It was interesting to read the comments of Tampa Bay defensive tackle Chris Hovan, of all people, in a Tampa Tribune story about the Buccaneers' possible interest in Brett Favre. Those with long institutional memories might find it pretty funny to think of Hovan and Favre on the same team.

In 2002, when he was a member of the Minnesota Vikings, Hovan started a war of words with Favre that kept things interesting for several seasons. During one offseason, Hovan hung a Favre jersey in his locker to emphasize how obsessed he was with beating him. The back-and-forth included a shouting match after a game in 2002 and a few condescending retorts from Favre -- who called Hovan an "idiot," among other things.

The rivalry fizzled over time, and Hovan signed with the Bucs after the 2004 season. Hovan no doubt has matured, and this week he passed on a chance to pile on Favre while supporting current starter Jeff Garcia. "Hopefully everything works out for Brett," Hovan told the Tribune. "But right now we have a great guy at quarterback."