A historic night on several levels

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- We praised Green Bay’s resurgent defense to no end Monday night. Now it’s time to drop the hammer on Tuesday morning.

The Packers slugged to a historically sloppy 27-14 victory over Baltimore. How historic and how sloppy? According to ESPN Stats & Information, Monday night marked only the second time since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger that a team won with at least three turnovers and 175 penalty yards.

The only other time it’s happened was in 1988, when Houston defeated Oakland in a wild 38-35 game. I suppose that’s what happens when two of the NFL’s three most-penalized teams get together. And some of the nine pass interference penalties seemed questionable, at best, from referee Walt Anderson’s crew.

But regardless of the reasons and who is at fault, it’s clear the Packers overcame more mistakes than most NFL teams can usually handle.

One programming note: Black and Blue all over will post in an afternoon edition later Tuesday.