Black and Blue all over: Cutler's emotions

I’m in total, complete agreement with every word in this measured column from Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s excessive complaining toward officials is an illustration, if not a cause, of the progress he still needs to make to become an elite NFL quarterback.

“[F]or Cutler to be the kind of quarterback Tom Brady is,” writes Pompei, “he will need to show less emotion and more focus on the field.”

The complaining has been going on for much of the season, but it reached new levels in Sunday’s 17-9 victory over St. Louis. Cutler challenged Pompei on the issue during a Wednesday news conference, asking why he thought it was a problem.

Anything that results in a penalty or a fine is a problem, Pompei responded. Totally accurate and completely fair. If Cutler isn’t worried about showing respect for officials out of a general sense of humanity, he should realize that he risks a 15-yard penalty whenever it happens. It should be obvious why that is a problem for the team.

The book is out on Cutler, and officials will be watching him more closely than other players. It’s not necessarily the cause of the Bears’ problems this season, but it’s a reaction that should be curbed.

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