Vikings mascot ready to rumble

Cincinnati receiver Chad Ochocinco said Wednesday he might steal the motorcycle of Minnesota’s game-day mascot, Ragnar, if he scores a touchdown in Sunday’s game at the Metrodome. Ragnar himself had a playful (I think) response when contacted by the Star Tribune’s Mark Craig.

"He might want to think twice about taking my bike," said Ragnar, whose real name is Joe Juranitch. "I poop things bigger than him."

If Ochocinco wants to steal a motorcycle, horn or anything else, he is in for a fight. Said Ragnar: "Let's see if he's man enough to come and get it."

I think I’m going to have to bone up on boxing terms. Or maybe just MMA.

"MMA?" Ragnar asked. "Tell him I dare him to spell that. And you can also tell him that after Sunday, he'll be changing his name again to Ocho Stinko."

Oh boy.