Updating Favre's December numbers

Let me say from the top that it would be speculative, irresponsible and quite possibly wrong to suggest Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre has entered into another December slump. Regular readers of this blog know we never, EVER approach such distasteful plateaus.

So I’ll just offer the updated numbers, mostly without comment, in a handy clip-and-save chart put together by ESPN.com editor Brett Longdin. It’s important to note that while Favre’s numbers have dropped in the past two games, they had a long way to go when you consider his MVP-caliber performance in Games 1-11.

On Sunday, Favre completed 17 of 30 passes for 192 yards, with a touchdown and an interception. He said Cincinnati’s aggressive defense had something to do with that performance and joked that, from a physical perspective, “I don’t think I’m falling apart in December like most people seem to think.”

I don’t this so, either. But it will be interesting and instructive to follow these numbers for the rest of the season. Perhaps it will give us a different perspective on the previous seasons.