Marinelli on Culpepper, Stanton

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Detroit coach Rod Marinelli was peppered with questions Wednesday about veteran quarterback Daunte Culpepper's surprise visit a day earlier. The Lions had not reached a contract agreement with Culpepper as of Wednesday afternoon, but Marinelli seemed to indicate the door is still open.

Here is the relevant transcript from Marinelli's news conference, courtesy the Lions' public relations department:

On how QB Daunte Culpepper looked during the Lions' workout on Tuesday?
Rod Marinelli: "I thought he moved around good. We had a bunch of guys in. You know, we bring them in every Tuesday. He moved around good; good feet and all those things."

On his thoughts about going forward with Culpepper?
RM: "Well, we looked at him and visited with him and we'll see how things workout."

On how Culpepper would fit in the program if he were signed to the team?
RM: "I won't go there yet. It's just where we are. He had a good workout and [he's] a good guy. He's a really good person."

On if Culpepper's visit on Tuesday was more than just a normal workout?
RM: "Oh yeah, we went in and had a good workout with him. We had a chance to visit with him. So, that's where it's at."

On what would be the point of bringing in a veteran QB like Culpepper?
RM: "We had a chance to look, [but] we don't know where we're at with it right now. [He's] a very good productive football player. He's been a very good player in this league -- and he's young."

On if communication is still open with Culpepper?
RM: Oh yeah, and I will say this: we brought in safeties; we brought in [Tim Rattay] the week before and we're open to all those guys. So I'm just being honest with you on that; all of them are."

Reporters also broached the possibility of using No. 2 quarterback Drew Stanton.

On if Marinelli has plans to play QB Drew Stanton soon, even if for only a series or two?
RM: "We look each week and we just see how much we can handle. We'll just let things play out and we'll see."

On whether playing Stanton is something they would even consider?
RM: "Oh yeah, [that's] something you always consider."

On if it is possible for Stanton to get some playing time this week or in the coming weeks?
RM: "Oh yeah, in the coming weeks, yeah. I wouldn't rule anything out, no."