Have at It: Future of Bears, Lions

This week’s Have at It topic arrives via our award-winning SportsNation chat, where on Tuesday, DJ of Chicago asked: “Who will reach the playoffs first, Lions or Bears?”

Given DJ’s locale, I assume the question was a shot at the Bears. But when you amble over to ESPN.com’s Week 16 Power Rankings, you see only five spots separate Chicago (25) and the Lions (30). You could make an argument that the Bears’ talent base has shrunk dramatically in recent years, requiring an overhaul similar to what the Lions are undertaking. And it’s only fair to point out the Lions have more firepower in the 2010 draft -- namely, their choices in the first and second rounds -- to continue filling those holes.

The Lions could have two of the top 35 picks in the draft. Barring a trade, the Bears won’t pick until the beginning of the third round, probably around No. 70 overall.

Do your best to remove emotion from this question, and then tell me how you compare the Bears’ and Lions’ long-term futures. You’ll have to take into account the unknown status of Bears coach Lovie Smith and how a transition now, or in the future, could impact the Bears’ building process.

As always, I’ll cull a representative sample of your posts and provide my own take by Friday morning. Have at It.