How Minnesota could fall from No. 2 seed

Upon further review, Brian of Madison is absolutely right.

During Tuesday’s SportsNation chat, we touched briefly on the possibility that Minnesota could fall from its current perch as the NFC’s No. 2 playoff seed. The bottom line: It will happen if the Vikings finish the season with the same record as Philadelphia, which is one game back but has two key tiebreaker advantages.

In order for Minnesota to be overtaken, it would need to lose one or both of its final games while the Eagles finish 2-0 or 1-1. Here are the two ways that could happen:

1. Both teams finish 12-4

Philadelphia wins its final two games, at home against Denver and then at Dallas.

Minnesota loses one of its final two games, at Chicago or at home against the New York Giants.

Eagles win the tiebreaker because of a better conference record. Philadelphia would have the No. 2 seed. Minnesota would play on wild-card weekend.

2. Both teams finish 11-5

Philadelphia beats Denver and loses to Dallas while Vikings lose both games. Teams finish with same conference record (9-3), but Eagles win the next tiebreaker: Winning percentage against common opponents. Eagles are 5-0 against Carolina, the Giants (twice), Chicago and San Francisco. The Vikings are 2-1 so far against those teams.

Or, Philadelphia loses to Denver and beats Dallas while the Vikings lose both games. Eagles win based on better conference record.