Eric Ebron, Landon Collins get into verbal dust-up after hit, touchdown

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – Eric Ebron scored his first touchdown of the season Monday night, but the New Jersey native didn’t seem in the mood to celebrate.

Instead, he got in the face of New York Giants safety Landon Collins before the extra point and had to be separated by teammates. That appeared to be it – nothing more than a post-score dust-up – until after the game.

That’s when Ebron appeared to take a little bit of offense to Collins and a hit he had laid on him earlier in the game.

“I was pissed off,” Ebron told The Detroit News. “I was pissed off at that little punk of a safety they’ve got over there.”

The “punk” being Collins – although Ebron then went on to be very complimentary of the Giants' All-Pro safety. Ebron, when he speaks, will sometimes joke around by calling guys names, so it’s unclear how seriously the Lions tight end really took this.

“Collins, he played a good game; that hit just pissed me off and I didn’t feel like celebrating,” Ebron told The News. “I wasn’t in that kind of joyful mood. It was still a good game. He played his butt off trying to guard me. I commend him for that.”

Ebron and Collins continued the kerfuffle online over the past day – although, again, it’s unclear if it was more playful than anything serious.

The Lions return to action on Sunday at Ford Field against the defending NFC champion Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have their own hard-hitting safety in second-year pro Keanu Neal.