Checking in on Al Harris

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- We're fixin' to hop a plane home and thus will bring you our Monday posts in a slightly different order. "Black and Blue all over" will post a bit later, followed by the ever-popular "Three answers, one question." (Or is it "Three questions, one answer?" I get confused sometimes.)

Hopefully you can handle the suspense.

For now, I want to touch on one of the lost storylines of Green Bay's 19-16 loss at Tennessee: The return of cornerback Al Harris, who made his first start since lacerating his spleen on Sept. 21. Usually you judge cornerbacks based on how often their name is called during a game, and by that scale Harris played well.

Check out this analysis from Jason Paradise of ESPN Stats & Analysis. Based on his viewing, the Titans threw Harris' way only five times and did not complete a pass against him. Here is a look at the Titans' pass distribution against the Packers defense, focusing on Harris and fellow cornerback Charles Woodson: