Rewind'09: Favre's stamina

We’ll spend a good part of the next few weeks assessing the 2009 season, often through the lens of our recurring discussions this year. We’ll give it a catchy “Rewind’09” branding for consistency’s sake.

Let’s go ahead and get one of the biggest issues of the way: Brett Favre's end-season performance.

As you might recall, we first noted in May that Favre’s production had slipped noticeably after game No. 11 in each of the past four seasons. The trend appeared to have started again this season, but Favre reversed it with a red-hot finish. I believe this issue was at the forefront of Favre's delayed decision-making process during the summer. (That, and an aversion to training camp.) But in the end, the context of his most-recent seasons provided us limited insight into how 2009 would play out.

How hot was Favre’s finish? Starting with halftime of the Vikings’ Week 16 game at Chicago, Favre completed 46 of 62 passes (74.2 percent) for 601 yards and six touchdowns. That production came in about five quarters of play, or less than a game and a half.

Below is the final breakdown for Favre’s 2009 season, based his performance in games 1-11 and then 12-16. A final thanks to ESPN.com editor Brett Longdin for helping me compile and arrange the information.