Gilbert Brown recalls his brief tenure in Minnesota

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
GREEN BAY, WIS. -- Few people remember that former Green Bay defensive tackle Gilbert Brown, who was inducted Saturday into the Packers Hall of Fame, was drafted by the division rival Minnesota Vikings in 1993.

In his acceptance speech, Brown recalled how he quickly knew the Vikings weren't the right place for him. He showed up at training camp to find two hoops on the ground. Vikings coaches wanted to work on speed, which was not a strong suit for the 350-pound Brown. Nevertheless, they instructed Brown to chase ultra-quick Vikings lineman Johnny Randle in a circle until he caught him.

"Well, he caught me," Brown said, chuckling.

Coaches asked Brown to try one more time. Again, Randle caught him.

Later, Brown recalled, Vikings receiver Cris Carter teased him unmercifully.

"So I knew I didn't like him," Brown said.

Finally, Vikings coach Dennis Green called Brown to his office and said the team wasn't happy with his progress. It planned to waive him and then put him on to the practice squad.

When he arrived at the team hotel, however, Brown got a call from the Packers. They had claimed him on waivers and wanted him to report to Green Bay the next day.

"I said, 'Tomorrow?'" Brown said. "I told them I would pack my truck and be there tonight."

The rest was history.

"After that," Brown said, "I just wore [the Vikings] out."