Packers' Schneider was ready to be a GM

John Schneider had a reputation as a personable and knowledgeable consensus-builder in Green Bay’s front office, a skill he’ll put to good use as Seattle’s new general manager. Schneider’s hiring was reported Tuesday morning by ESPN.com.

Schneider has a background in both scouting and as an administrator, and with the Seahawks he’ll have to balance the needs of the personnel department with the assumed power of new coach Pete Carroll. The Seahawks claim that Carroll won’t have full autonomy, but let’s face it: They’re not paying him $7 million per season to acquiesce to a power-hungry general manager.

The trick to working with a highly successful college coach like Carroll, one used to running his own program, is to lead him into making the right organizational decisions. From what I know of and about Schneider, he is well-equipped to be that sort of subtle guiding hand.

The Packers will be hard-pressed to replace those skills in their front office, but Schneider has been on the radar of several teams before the Seahawks hired him. I’m sure general manager Ted Thompson knew it was only a matter of time before Schneider got a promotion elsewhere.