You can't make this up

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Apologies to AngryBearsFan and others for today's Minnesota-centric coverage, but I can't pass up on this one.

Make sure you check out my colleague Paul Kuharsky's rundown of an bizarre but entertaining exchange Wednesday between former Vikings receiver Troy Williamson (now with Jacksonville) and coach Brad Childress.

The short version: Williamson, who won't play in Sunday's game between the two teams, suggested that he and Childress meet pregame at the 50-yard line to settle their differences stemming from two rocky seasons together in Minnesota. Childress admitted he is only 190 pounds but, with humor, noted it is "twisted steel, romping-stomping dynamite." Ultimately, Childress said, there will be no fight because of the NFL-mandated midfield buffer zone between the two teams.

Tongue-and-cheek as it might have been, Williamson has done enough to embarrass himself on the field during his NFL career without challenging one of his former coaches to a fight. Williamson probably blames Childress for temporarily withholding a game check following the death of his grandmother last year -- even though the move was initiated by the team's front office, not Childress -- but overall Williamson himself was responsible for 99 percent of the problems he encountered in Minnesota.