Rewind'09: NFC North injuries

Regular readers of this blog know I’m a big fan of the work at Football Outsiders, which always evaluates NFL performance with unique and original methods.

Today we’ll look at how NFC North teams fared on the injury report relative to the rest of the league. For an explanation of how Football Outsiders arrived at this ranking, look here. In essence, they analyzed how teams were impacted by starters who missed games and also those who were limited in some way, according to weekly injury reports. “Starters” also included key players like slot receivers and nickel backs.

Add it all up, and you have the exact regular season finish of the NFC North -- in reverse. Detroit was the division’s most injury-ravaged team; Minnesota was its healthiest. Below is what Football Outsiders refers to as Adjusted Games Lost (AGL) for each Black and Blue team, along with league-wide ranking:

5. Detroit Lions (76.7)

19. Chicago Bears (51.1)

25. Green Bay Packers (37.0)

29 Minnesota Vikings (23.2)

The NFL average for AGL was 53.9. With three teams below it, overall we had a pretty healthy year in the NFC North.