Stupid in, er, a good way

I wish I had thought of it first, but my pal Greg A. Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (@Greg_A_Bedard on Twitter) has already nailed it:

Wondering if “stupid good” is the new “kick-ass” in the NFC North.

A moment to explain: In 2006, Minnesota coach Brad Childress infamously referred to the Vikings’ scheme as a “kick-ass offense.” Tuesday, new Chicago offensive coordinator Mike Martz might have matched Childress in the memorable statement department.

Speaking on WSCR radio in Chicago, Martz had this to say about Devin Hester’s fit for the slot receiver role in his offense:

“Devin Hester in that role could just be stupid good, if that makes sense to you,” Martz said. “What we can do with him inside, the matchups we can get with him on third corners, safeties and linebackers would be absolutely remarkable.”

(Hat tip to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.)

Stupid good? I think we should adapt that as our motto for the offseason. Let’s have a stupid good offseason on the NFC North blog!