Weekend mailbag: Receiver depth revisited

This week was just too darn slow. Maybe it was the comedown from Super Bowl XLIV, or perhaps the realization that we won't have real football for another seven months. (And by "real football," I don't mean "preseason games.")

So let's spice it up a bit and devote our weekend mailbag to one of the most volatile debates we had this season. (But first the obligatory shout-out: You can contact me through the mailbag application, on Facebook or on Twitter.)

On with it...

Via Facebook, Matt writes: In the beginning of the football season you ranked the NFCN receivers. It would be cool if you revisited that and redid the rankings now that the season is over.

Kevin Seifert: Ah, Matt, you are referring to this Have at It, spurred by a sentence in this August feature. As the debate evolved -- or devolved, as you may believe -- we argued whether Minnesota or Green Bay had the deepest receiving corps.

Ultimately, I published a comparison between each receiver position on the two teams. The chart accompanying this post shows how it all worked out.

Here's what I would say on the issue:

  • Before the season, I thought Minnesota had better depth, but acknowledged Green Bay had a more top-heavy depth chart. That remains my assessment.

  • The best receiver in the division this season was the Vikings' Sidney Rice. Greg Jennings out-produced the Vikings' Bernard Berrian, and Percy Harvin outplayed Green Bay's No. 3 receiver, James Jones.

  • Jordy Nelson had three times the catches of the Vikings' Greg Lewis, but Lewis made the best catch of the season on his game-winning touchdown reception against San Francisco.

  • Neither team's No. 5 receivers this season factored into play.

So if I were to suggest a combined ranking of the Vikings' and Packers' receivers now that the season is over, it would go like this:

1. Sidney Rice

2. Greg Jennings

3. Donald Driver

4. Percy Harvin

5. Bernard Berrian

6. James Jones

7. Jordy Nelson

8. Greg Lewis

That gives the Packers two of the top three receivers in the division, while the Vikings have three of the top five. I think a decent argument could be made for Harvin to supplant Driver if and when we do a 2010 preseason ranking, but that's how I would list them based on 2009 performances.

How about you?