CBAWatch: Final Eight Plan

Last week, we began a semi-regular feature designed to feed you a digestible amount of the pending changes to the way the NFL's offseason will work when the salary cap is eliminated next month. We started off by addressing the way franchise and transition tags will work, and Tuesday our SportsNation chat gave us an opportunity to review the "Final Eight" plan.

This plan is one of several ways the NFL will restrict player movement in the uncapped scenario. The eight teams that played in the divisional round of the playoffs won't be able to sign an unrestricted free agent unless one or more of their own unrestricted free agents sign elsewhere. In addition, the four teams that played in the championship round will be further limited in that the free agent they sign must be a player with a "comparable" salary to the one they lose.

(The four teams that lost in the divisional round will have some additional flexibility, but those rules aren't relevant in the NFC North.)

All of which compelled Zack to ask this question during Tuesday's chat:

How big a role do you think that letting Chester Taylor leave would allow the Vikings to sign an outside free agent could factor in a decision to resign him or not?

I thought that was a compelling question and one that emphasized the new layers of strategies teams will be faced with this year. In this particular case, Taylor is an unrestricted free agent who is a valuable backup but might attract starter-caliber money on the open market. He is also an asset who would allow the Vikings to add a key component at another position if they want.

In essence, then, the Vikings would be faced with a trade situation. Would the free-agent player be important enough to mitigate Taylor's departure? And would the contracts match up to satisfy the "comparable" requirement?

(I've yet to see or hear a firm definition of what "comparable" means, but the best guess is that the deals must have similar first-year compensation.)

With all that said, I don't know if there is a player the Vikings might target who would compel them to let Taylor leave. It's possible they'll need his free agent "slot" to replace quarterback Brett Favre, but that's a discussion for another day.