Good move: No new contract for Moss

ESPN's Adam Schefter and others are reporting that the Minnesota Vikings won't immediately give receiver Randy Moss a new contract upon completion of a pending trade Wednesday. Instead, Moss will continue to play under the terms of a deal that pays him $6.4 million in 2010 and then expires after the season.

That's a smart decision by the Vikings and encouraging news for fans (and fantasy owners) who are hoping for an immediate impact. Based on his history, a motivated Moss is a (highly) productive Moss. That tenet has manifested itself in two significant ways over the years.

First, Moss has always made a big first impression with a new team. The chart shows his first game with the Vikings in 1998, the Oakland Raiders in 2005 and the New England Patriots in 2007.

Second, during his first stint with the Vikings, Moss was always good for monster performances on "Monday Night Football." And if you check your local listings, the Vikings' next game is Monday night at the New York Jets. Here is what Moss did on Monday nights from 1998-2004.

Games: 9

Receptions: 49

Yards: 941

TDs: 11

None of us who were around Moss at the time considered those numbers an accident. He was always inspired by the spotlight.