Adrian Peterson quietly makes amends

To my knowledge, Minnesota Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson hasn't said anything publicly about that the reaction to comments he made in March to Yahoo! Sports. In the interview, Peterson called the relationship between the NFL and its players "modern-day slavery."



As we discussed in a subsequent post, it was a callous comment from an otherwise charitable NFL player. It minimized the existence of actual modern-day slavery, known now as human trafficking. Although Peterson has yet to acknowledge that publicly, he has clearly taken some appropriate steps that deserve genuine kudos.

Here is a video Peterson shot for the DNA Foundation, a non-profit group headed by actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher focused on raising awareness to the child sex slavery subset. Peterson doesn't speak in the video, and he hasn't publicized the exact nature of the work he's doing. (Via Twitter, he has encouraged followers to "[t]ake a stand against human trafficking.") But I think we can agree it's not an accident he hooked up with the DNA Foundation.

If Peterson's original comments ultimately spark more awareness for an issue that he (nor Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall, for that matter) was aware of, then it's a net positive for everyone.