ChatWrap: Adrian Peterson

As we noted earlier, Minnesota Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson participated Tuesday in a SportsNation chat during a visit to ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn. I found two of his answers particularly interesting.

One was on the topic of the Vikings' proposed new stadium:

Drew MN [via mobile]

Would you rather have a roof in the new stadium or battle the elements during the winter months?

Adrian Peterson (2:36 PM)

Yes, I want a roof. A retractable roof would be great. Yes.

Adrian Peterson (2:37 PM)

The weather isn't always bad. We have lot of nice days too so a retractable roof would be nice.

The answer touches on an under-addressed portion of this issue. I would think many of the Vikings' speed-based players would prefer to play indoors, where their speed is maximized, than outdoors in the elements. Current plans call for a retractable roof, but Vikings owner Zygi Wilf has suggested the roof would be utilized for non-football purposes and wouldn't necessarily be closed during inclement weather for football games.

The second answer referred to ESPN.com's own Power Rankings, where we recently voted Peterson and Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson the two best offensive players (non-quarterbacks) in the NFL.

Scott Terry (Lincoln, NE)

You tied with Chris Johnson in a recent poll of ESPN NFL writers for best offensive player (non-QB) ... that sound about right?

Adrian Peterson (2:33 PM)

No, that doesn't sound right. I'm not cocky at all. But I feel like the work I put in, there are not many guys like me. Johnson is a great player and I have much respect for him but I have been in the league longer and he needs to put in more work to be in the same category. But he is a great player that I love to watch.

Peterson has been answering questions about Johnson for several years, consistently remaining respectful but always making clear whom he believes to be the best player. Nothing changed Tuesday.