NFC North Week 2 Quarterback Report

Let's roll through our weekly look at quarterback play in the NFC North. It includes another set of strong raw numbers that beg to be interpreted for one player, as well as one of the worst performances in the career of another. Remember, "action plays" are plays that ESPN Stats & Information judged to have had an impact in the outcome of the game.

Christian Ponder

Passer Rating: 114.6

QBR: 45.9

Action plays: 46 of 65

Comment: QBR was a little less kind to Ponder than passer rating. One again Ponder was efficient, completing 77 percent of his passes against the Indianapolis Colts and avoiding an interception. But the Vikings haven't been explosive with Ponder behind center, and on Sunday they didn't have a single play go for more than 20 yards.

Aaron Rodgers

Passer Rating: 85.3

QBR: 29.3

Action plays: 40 of 66

Comment: Rodgers had a winning effort against the Chicago Bears but was sacked five times, threw an interception and averaged a relatively low 6.8 yards per attempt. His longest pass in the air was a 26-yard touchdown strike to receiver Donald Driver, and overall his 29.3 QBR was the lowest in a Packers victory since 2008.

Jay Cutler

Passer Rating: 28.2

QBR: 4.7

Action plays: 41 of 57

Comment: Cutler has finished a game only one other time in his NFL career with a passer rating lower than 28.2. He threw four interceptions, took seven sacks and completed 40.7 percent of his passes. Frankly, it was the kind of game the Bears thought he had put behind him.

Matthew Stafford

Passer Rating: 78.9

QBR: 31.9

Action plays: 40 of 60

Comment: Like Rodgers in Week 1, Stafford couldn't get downfield against the 49ers' zone defense. He attempted only six passes longer than 10 yards in the air and completed two. Stafford's first-quarter interception set up a 49ers touchdown; he said afterwards he tried to pull the ball back at the last moment and couldn't, causing it to flutter.