NFC North High Energy Player of the Week

A look at a player who gave his team a significant boost in Week 16.

A few people, coach Mike McCarthy included, are still getting used to the newest chant at Lambeau Field.


"I think Mike got a little flustered there," quarterback Aaron Rodgers said, "maybe thinking they were booing him instead of actually the Kuhn chant."

Yes, the Green Bay Packers have a bona fide cult hero on their hands. When (formerly) little-used fullback John Kuhn rumbles onto the field, fans can't help but drag out the vowel in his name. His name and performance have appealed to Packers fans all season. Rodgers refers to Kuhn as the ultimate "security blanket," a no-frills ball carrier who gets results.

Kuhn, in fact, has emerged as one of the most efficient running backs in the NFL this season. He has converted 25 first downs on 80 carries, including 8-of-9 on third-and-1, and has the league's second-best conversion rate (31.3) among running backs with at least 25 first downs.

Overall, Kuhn has 31 first downs on 94 touches this season. Last Sunday, he doubled his season scoring output with three touchdowns in the Packers' 45-17 victory over the New York Giants.

Packers receiver Greg Jennings noted that opponents have rarely stopped Kuhn even though it's obvious to everyone -- including those in the stands -- that he's probably getting the ball when he gets on the field. And any hope of sneaking him onto the field, at least at home games, has now been lost.

"It's hard to miss," Kuhn said. "I think it's great. It's getting to the point now where, if they do it, I can't let them down. If they do it and Coach sends me out there, I've got to perform."