Lockout'11: Probably claiming Vikings camp

NEW ORLEANS -- The timing of the NFL lockout, a court case that could lift it and the draft will probably claim at least one NFC North minicamp.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier had planned a three-day veteran minicamp for the weekend of April 8, one of two mandatory minicamps he would otherwise be allowed to schedule as a new head coach. But it appears the earliest a lockout could end is after an April 6 hearing before federal judge Susan Richard Nelson in Minneapolis.

Part of the reason for having such an early camp is to get an initial assessment of the team before setting final draft priorities. But Frazier said Sunday that the conditioning of players would be a factor in deciding the timing of the camp, and it's fair to assume that at least some players wouldn't be ready for a minicamp two days after the end of the lockout.

"There are a lot of factors you have to consider now," Frazier said.

If Nelson lifts the lockout, it seems more likely that Frazier will schedule his camps for sometime after the draft.