NFL Power Rankings: NFC North

The NFL is about the Green Bay Packers and no one else, or so implies the nifty photo illustration on our NFL page that introduces ESPN.com's Week 6 Power Rankings. Some NFC North fans still recovering from Monday night might have something to say about that, but ultimately our voters consider the Packers far and away the league's best team.

Here's how the voting went for the NFC North:

1. Green Bay Packers

Trending: They've been atop the rankings all season.

4. Detroit Lions

Trending: John Clayton continues to support them at No. 2, but no other voter is willing to put them ahead of the New England Patriots or New Orleans Saints.

18. Chicago Bears

Trending: No change after a 24-13 loss to the Lions.

26. Minnesota Vikings

Trending: Up four after a 34-10 victory over the Arizona Cardinals.