NFL Week 16 Power Rankings: NFC North

Let's take a look at ESPN.com's Week 16 Power Rankings, which include three NFC North teams among the top 15 in the league:

6. Green Bay Packers

Trending: No change after a 21-13 victory over the Chicago Bears.

Comment: On Sunday, I suggested the Packers are as good as any team in the NFC. Sunday night's game between the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots suggested the 49ers are pretty good as well.

14. Chicago Bears

Trending: Down three after a 21-13 loss to the Packers.

Comment: Where will the Bears' free-fall end? Or will it? Their 1-5 slump has taken them from No. 3 to their current spot in the Power Rankings.

15. Minnesota Vikings

Trending: Up one after a 36-22 victory over the St. Louis Rams.

Comment: It's worth noting the Vikings gave the 49ers one of their three losses this season.

28. Detroit Lions

Trending: Down three after a 38-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Comment: Ugh. Enough said.