NFL Week 5 Power Rankings: NFC North

Let's take a look at how ESPN.com's power rankers power ranked the NFC North for Week 5.

8. Green Bay Packers

Trending: Down one after a 28-27 victory over the New Orleans Saints.

Comment: There is a significant difference between voters on the Packers. Dan Graziano ranked them No. 4 overall, while John Clayton sees them as the NFL's No. 12 team. Meet in the middle, and you have No. 8.

9. Chicago Bears

Trending: Up two after a convincing 34-18 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Comment: It was by far the best performance of the Bears' 3-1 start.

14. Minnesota Vikings

Trending: Up seven after a 20-13 victory at Ford Field.

Comment: No team rose more than the Vikings this week. It's hard to argue with consecutive victories over 2012 playoff teams.

20. Detroit Lions

Trending: Down two after losing to the Vikings.

Comment: The Lions have a well-placed bye week to resuscitate their season.