BBAO: Consequences for Mike Martz

We're Black and Blue All Over:

There is undoubtedly a part of Mike Martz that will be tempted. The Chicago Bears' offensive coordinator will see the Green Bay Packers' difficulty defending the pass and will feel an urge to start calling passes all over Soldier Field on Sunday. And if he does, writes David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears should fire him -- immediately.

Haugh: "If I were general manager Jerry Angelo or [coach Lovie] Smith, I would make clear if Martz goes rogue once more, as he did when the offense inexplicably had a 3-to-1 pass-to-run ratio in the third quarter of a close game, the Bears will move on. One more game plan recklessly putting [Jay] Cutler in harm's way, the way calling 52 passes to 11 runs did, and I either would fire Martz or strip him of play-calling duties on the spot."

That's a strong sentiment, to be sure. The Bears have some talented assistants on their staff, but unless I'm mistaken, none of them have experience as an offensive playcaller. But the point isn't so much that calling too many passes, as Martz did last Sunday against the New Orleans, should be a fireable offense. It's that the Bears already addressed the issue with Martz last year, making Sunday's game a suspicious case of at least passive insubordination.

I highly doubt the Bears would fire Martz during the season, but it's clear the Bears need to raise the urgency of the message Martz is hearing.

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