Wisely sitting out the supplemental draft

We basically ignored the NFL's supplemental draft, held Thursday, because I didn't foresee the likelihood of an NFC North team spending a high 2013 draft choice on the one eligible player who figured to be drafted. Once Baylor receiver Josh Gordon started getting second- and third-round hype, you had to figure our teams were out of the bidding.

Gordon, in fact, was drafted in the second round Thursday by the Cleveland Browns, a team that had missed in an April attempt to draft highly regarded Baylor receiver Kendall Wright. None of our teams were remotely in that position.

To wit:

The Chicago Bears had already traded a pair of third-round draft picks for Brandon Marshall and used a second-rounder on South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery.

The Detroit Lions had drafted Oklahoma receiver Ryan Broyles in the second round of the April draft.

The Green Bay Packers have 37 receivers they would like to keep on their final 53-man roster. (Actually, it's more like seven or eight, but the point is they're pretty much set.)

The Minnesota Vikings signed free agent Jerome Simpson and used a pair of fourth-round draft picks to select Jarius Wright and Greg Childs.

I'm OK with the apparent lack of interest in Gordon, despite the late buzz he received this week. You?