Walker had experimental knee surgery

Many of you have suggested I've been overly harsh in suggesting that free-agent receiver Javon Walker is "washed up." Perhaps I have been. Amid indications that Walker will sign Tuesday with the Minnesota Vikings, we should point out that he had an experimental surgery in Israel to repair his knee last year. Walker apparently believes the procedure has brought his physical skills back to his 2006 level.

The surgery was arranged by none other than Dr. Anthony Galea, the Canadian physician who has been at the center of an international doping inquiry.

Here is an excerpt from a December 2009 story in the New York Times:

The N.F.L. quarterback Chris Simms and wide receiver Javon Walker swear by him. In March, Dr. Galea arranged for Mr. Walker to have cartilage-replacement surgery on his knee in Jerusalem because the procedure is not approved in the United States or Canada. Mr. Walker said the recovery time was half what it would have been if he had had the procedure doctors recommended in the United States.

"He’s a person who just wants to help and heal," Walker said. "And the world is going to soon know about him."